Family Safety Always First – Your Windshield

Many drivers have been seriously injured because of either not repairing a cracked windshield or driving with an improperly replaced windshield. Far too many peoples live shave been changed for the worst because of poor procedure and unqualified technicians working on your windshield. This document will describe how to look out for shady technicians and make sure that you and your family are safe in your vehicle.

The law protects us against bad windshield repair and replacement by issuing laws that require windshields to be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure on the roof in case of a rollover. The windshield must also be strong enough to hold the passengers inside the automobile and outside debris to stay out of the automobile during a head to head collision.

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Another important fact that everyone should know is that the passenger airbag is propelled upward into the windshield at 300 kilometres/hour and it is supposed to bounce back into the passenger. An improperly installed or repaired windshield can be popped out or cracked further to disengage the airbag.
cracked windshield airbag safety
To avoid all these possible tragedies you have to make sure of the following things:

1)   Be sure the technician is trained and certified because it is possible that anyone can get into the business and service your vehicle any time.

2)   Observe the process to be sure that the technician doesn’t damage the metal frame when installing the new glass because a damaged frame can cause rust which will break the seal and start to create leaks.

3)   When the installation is complete always make sure that you do not move your vehicle for a specified time so that the seal can dry. It can take 2-24 hours depending on weather and other factors so make sure you ask the technician when it will be safe to drive.

4)   Try to use OEM glass, ask your technician if they have it because that is the type of glass that your manufacturer used to build the car. It is available aftermarket so you may just have to shop around a bit tog et the best safety features out of your windshield.