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Newmarket Autoglass Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to check out our answers to some of the most common questions we get asked at Auto Glass Newmarket. If you are still unsure about anything, or have a question which we do not answer on this page please feel free to call us or email us any time.

Question. What are your hours like?
Answer.. Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 6pm    |    Sat: 9am - 2pm

Question. Do you offer free price quotes?
Answer.. Absolutely, you can get an instant quote by calling us at 905 835 7717, you can email us at or you can fill out our quick and easy online quote form, and we will get back to you within an hour or 2.

Question. How long will I have to wait to get my windshield replacement?
Answer.. Windshield replacement typically lasts from 1 hour to 1h and 15 minutes. If you don't wan't to wait for us to perform windshield replacement, we offer convenient and professional mobile auto glass where our experienced windshield replacement technicians come to your location and do the replacement on the spot. Read more about our windshield replacement Newmarket

Question. How long does windshield repair last?
Answer.. Typically Auto glass repair is complete in about a half hour on most vehicles.Read more: Windshield Repair Newmarket.

Question. How much do you charge for windshield replacement?
Answer.. Windshield replacement pricing will depend on your choice of windshield; you can choose an after market windshield or original equipment manufacturer windshield, the latter is more expensive. The price will also depend on your vehicle year, make and model. If you want an instant and accurate windshield replacement quote please call us at 905 853 7717 or fill out our free online auto glass replacement and repair quote.

Question. Do you install used windshields?
Answer.. We do not install used auto glass, at Newmarket Auto Glass we replace broken windshields with brand new windshields. It is not a good idea to deal with windshield replacement shops which offer used windshields for replacement, because you never know the condition of a used windshield, and it may not be safe. We make sure all replacement jobs are done to perfection. All windshields and auto glass we carry are after market or OEM, ensuring quality, safety and peace of mind to our customers.

Question. Will my auto insurance provider cover the replacement cost?
Answer.. Insurance companies may cover windshield replacement cost, so the answer to your question will depend on your insurance provider. We will deal with your insurance company on your behalf, so you don't have to deal with any paperwork.

Question. What makes Newmarket Auto Glass the top autoglass replacement and repair choice compared to other auto glass shops in Newmaket?
Answer.. At Newmarket Autoglass we provide the same warranty on all our auto glass replacement and repair work as some of the bigger auto glass shops like speedy auto glass. Many auto glass shops in Newmarket and surrounding areas. We have extensive experience in auto glass replacement and repair, and we are passionate about our work. Our prices are amongst the lowest in the industry, our quality of work is top notch and we are approved by all insurance providers. Big companies like speedy auto glass win customers because of their large marketing budgets and extensive reach, but if you are looking for the best value (price, quality, and speed of replacement/repair) then Newmarket Autoglass is the best choice in Newmarket and surrounding areas.

Question. Do you offer a legitimate warranty?
Answer.. We offer a 100% Lifetime warranty on every job we do and you will get the warranty on your invoice once our work is done. The warranty covers you against leaks, manufacturer defects and workmanship.

Question. How will I be certain I will receive quality work?
Answer.. We will give you a lifetime warranty which ensures quality work and covers you in case something goes wrong. Our auto glass products are approved by Original Equipment Manufacturer which also ensures you are getting top quality auto glass products as well.

Question. What is the benefit of fixing a small windshield crack?
Answer.. The benefits of fixing small, almost unnoticeable windshield cracks, rock chips etc., are that our professional windshield repair specialists will prevent your small crack or chip from expanding and will minimize its size. In many cases you will not even be able to even notice the crack or chip after our repair work is done. If you do not fix a small crack it will sooner than later grow into a noticeable and potentially dangerous problem and you may need to replace your whole windshield, which will cost you much more compared to windshield repair.

Question. How much do I have to pay if I want a windshield replacement specialist to come to my location?
Answer.. At Newmarket Auto Glass we offer Free of charge mobile auto glass replacement services. This means that our windshield and auto glass replacement / repair specialists will come to your location of choice in Newmarket and will replace your damaged windshield and/or auto glass on the spot, at no extra charge. You will receive professional work, and with every job you will get a 100% lifetime guarantee against workmanship, manufacturer defects and leaks. This gives our customers peace of mind and assures that you will get top quality auto glass service every time.

Question. How do I know I will get professional Service?
Answer. We back up everything we say about our premier, top quality auto glass replacement and repair services with our our 100% lifetime warranty against leaks, manufacturer defects and workmanship. This provides you with the peace of mind, knowing that the work done by Newmarket Auto Glass is the best in class.